Voitekk Dialer

Voitekk presents robust and reliable VoIP dialer solutions to help businesses reduce their calling costs and enhance productivity. Packed with extensive features to help agents, our dialer solution allow real-time monitoring to let you take full control. With special features like chat and video calling it has been unique solution for many service oriented processes. Voitekk also offers CRM integration to its dialer solution which is added advantage for customer to enhance existing systems with dialer solution. Besides cutting on the calling cost, the solution also reduce the time agents spend on connecting with live prospects.

Key Features

Live Calls Dashboard

The Live Call dashboard presents critical information about the current state of the service, including all performance threshold violations, call disposition

Call Whispering & Barging

Whisper :A supervisor silently monitoring a call between an agent and a customer can privately speak to the agent, without the customer hearing the discussion.

Call Spying

you can’t get any closer to the truth than when you’re a live participant, discreetly and directly listening to the actual conversations happening when you’re not around.

Outbound Calling

The Outbound call is defined as the center that makes outbound calls either to the existing or potential customers on behalf of a company or a client.

24/7 Supoort

We support our products and services with our commitment to quality Customer Service. You can count on IP Momentum for 24x7 service and support.


VoIP and CRM complement and accentuate each other to the benefit of your business. The right VoIP solution would enable click-to-call within your CRM.

Call Recording

A call record in voice over IP is a file containing information about recent system usage such as the identities of sources, the identities of destinations .


chat has become a potent means of communication between retailer and consumer irrespective of the industry. Such modes of social interaction enable.