Dialer Services

Scale up with us and focus on what matters most

By selecting Voitekk dialer services, you can scale up easily and keep focusing on business acivities which matters most. You can save on hardware investments for your contact center scaleup requirements, by simply connecting to Voitekk Dialer service. This tool offers lot of benifits including customised reports on prioritisation and agent efficiency. The eminent chat and video chat features enables you in successful engagement with customer.

Our Offerings

Call Centre Solution

We offer inbound and outbound contact center solutions which is designed for scalability. Inbound contact centers typically handle support requests from consumers whereas outbound contact centers are designed to handle sales process. We also provide extensive reporting and integration with various third party applications.

Voice Logger

Voitekk’s Voice logger solution enables recording of conversation with customer which enables seniors management to review and evaluate agents conversations. Monitoring and evaluation of customer service at any point of time will ensure quality and customer satisfaction. Voitekk’s Voice Logger is a fully-featured service that any enterprise can implement to review customer calls.

Click To Call

Click to Call is very efficient way to connect two phones. We provides customized APIs and help to integrate “Click to Call” Solution into your Web Portal and making your support center ready to receive Calls. We offer completely hosted solution with no capital investment. The system is fully configurable to allow you to have full control over default duration of call, retry attempts, playing ads, etc.

Virtual Call Meeting

Virtual meetings are real-time interactions that take place over the Internet using integrated audio and video, chat tools, and application sharing. Voitekk offers a real time solutions on an easy to use interface and comes with enhanced security. This allows to connect people inside and outside of your organisation at very less cost than actual expenses involved in sending participents to single meeting location.


We provide smart and flexible solution of IVR system which help to direct customers to the right support channel they need. It is useful in building multilingual voice-menu as per your need. IVR takes inputs in form of pressed phone keys from user and translates them into actions. Using this service you can facilitate better resource utilization for contact centers and reduced wait time for customers


With Voitekk’s ACD solution, you can serve customers with better quality in response. Its call management features accelerate interactions with customer and make them shorter. The key to ensure high level of customer satisfaction lies in this solution which has algorithm that determines the best available agents to respond to a given incoming call.

Dialer Benefits

Complete Technology

We offer a rich features set to derive benefits from voitekk ACD. It has features like multi-party conference, screen transfer, IVR conference, call hold, call forwarding and other facilities.

Third party Database Integration

Voitekk ACD systems can integrate with any third-party database using its interface. It can be integrated with Oracle, MySQL, DB2, or any other RDBMS seamlessly.

Comprehensive Reporting

We offer real-time, web-based reports on productivity and performance. These reports can be exported to multiple formats (PDF, CSV) for easy readability.

Powerful Routing and Prioritisation Capability

Voitekk ACD system offers exceptional priority and skill-based routing features. We can organize relevant queues with required skills or attributes for agents, and define relationships between agent groups and call queues. In short we can define who should take high priority calls.

Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Features offering like playing informative messages while customers are waiting in the queues, better caller management, alternate information, provide estimated wait time, agent availability information we ensure good customer connectivity and satisfaction.